Where to Order OneTouch Ultra 100 ONLINE


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Where to Order OneTouch Ultra 100 ONLINE

Firstly, OneTouch Ultra Blue Diabetic Test Strips provide fast and less painful testing of glucose levels. Buy OneTouch Ultra 100 Online
Secendly, Designed for use with the OneTouch Ultra Soft Automatic Blood Sampler and OneTouch Ultra Soft Lancets, this blood test strip is ideal for diabetic patients who need to monitor their body glucose level at home.
Hence, If you have diabetes, you already know that with the right tools and health plan, you can still enjoy life’s sweets.
Meanwhile, OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips help you test your blood glucose simply and accurately for your optimum health goals.
Therefore, The sampler automatically draws blood into the strip, and provides results within five seconds. Buy One Touch Ultra 100 Online

1) Test Strips, Blue
2) DoubleSure technology.
3) Proven accuracy.

In Other Words, For blood glucose testing with the OneTouch Ultra Family of Meters and the OneTouch Ping Meter Remote.

Therefore, Double Sure technology automatically checks each sample twice to confirm their result.
Requires just a speck of blood. Covered at the lowest co-pay on most health plans.

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Buy OneTouch Ultra Diabetic Strips Online


Health Concern: Diabetes


Ingredients: Each Test Strip Contains:

Glucose Oxidase (Aspergillus Niger) More Than (0.08 IU),
Ferrocyanide More Than (22 ug); Other Ingredients (Buffer, etc.)
The Test Strip Vial Contains a Drying Agent.


Instructions: Likewise, For blood glucose testing with these OneTouch Ultra Meters:
OneTouch Ultra 2
OneTouch UltraSmart
OneTouch Ping
OneTouch Ultra
OneTouch UltraLink
OneTouch UltraMini

In Addition, Store below 86 degrees F (30 degrees C).
Do not refrigerate.
For single use only.
Consult instructions for use.
Therefore, Do not use if expiration date has passed.
For Instant, Use within 6 months of opening test strip vial.

Likewise, One Touch Ultra Blue Blood Glucose Test Strips box of 100.

However, The Ultra Blue Strips can be used with OneTouch Ultra
OneTouch Ultra
OneTouch UltraSmart
OneTouch Ultra Mini and One Touch InDuo Blood Glucose Meters.

This Combo contains: 2 Boxes of One Touch Ultra Test Strips (100 test strips total)


Easy to Use:

For Exmaple, The One Touch Ultra Blue glucose test strips were designed to make it easy to see when there is enough blood for an accurate reading.

Small Sample Size:

In Addition, These One Touch diabetes test strips require only a small blood sample, meaning less pain when testing your glucose level.

Alternate Site Testing:

Above all, To help reduce the pain of repetitive testing on the same area, you may be able to test blood glucose levels on your forearm.
This is called alternative site testing and should be cleared through your health care professional first.

Fast draw:
For instance, Just touch the end of the One Touch Ultra Blue test strip to the blood sample;
the strip will automatically draw the right amount of blood needed for an accurate reading.

During, 5 Second Test Results:
After That,Within 5 seconds, you will have an easy to read blood glucose test result.

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