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AimsTo investigate the temporal pattern of appearance of a new psychoactive substance (4-fluoroamphetamine) on the Dutch drug market, as well as its patterns of use and effects.DesignData from the Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) was used to investigate the emergence of 4-fluoroamphetamine on the Dutch drug market. An online questionnaire was used to study its patterns of use and effects.SettingDutch drug-related websites and social media.ParticipantsA convenience sample of 249 lifetime 4-fluoroamphetamine users was recruited through the internet.MeasurementsSamples containing 4-fluoroamphetamine were extracted from the DIMS database for further investigation. Patterns of use, settings of use and the subjective effects of 4-fluoroamphetamine, amphetamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) were investigated with the online questionnaire.Findings4-Fluoroamphetamine was first encountered on the Dutch drug market, mainly sold as amphetamine or ecstasy (MDMA), between 2007-2009. These misrepresented drug samples declined when the MDMA and amphetamine markets recovered after a period of shortage, whereas purposefully bought 4-fluoroamphetamine samples showed an increase. Survey results showed that 4-fluoroamphetamine is predominantly (77.1%, 95% CI 72.0- 82.3) used for its specific effects, rather than its legal status (17.7%, 95% CI 10.7- 22.1). The subjective effects of 4-fluoroamphetamine were compared with those of amphetamine and MDMA. Subjective effect scores of 4-fluoroamphetamine ranged between those of amphetamine and MDMA.Conclusions The stimulant 4-fluoroamphetamine is increasingly popular in the Netherlands, which might be due to its subjective effects profile, which lies intermediate between amphetamine and MDMA.
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